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Does Al's buy surplus military clothing and equipment?

Yes, we buy surplus military clothing and equipment. We buy almost anything except Class A uniforms. Offers are not set according to which items you have for sale, but according to our inventory and what we're in need of. To sell surplus, call your nearest store and confirm that your items are of interest.  Also confirm  during which days of the week and which time frames the store location will buy.




I have a gift certificate.  How do I use it on the website?

Each gift certificate has a number in the lower left hand corner. This number must be entered as a coupon code in the shopping cart. The amount of your gift certificate will automatically deduct from the total price in your shopping cart.


Are gift certificates available for sale in the online store?

At this time, gift certificates are only available for sale in our stores.  There is no minimum or maximum amount required to purchase a gift certificate, and the amount put on the gift certificate can be specified down to the penny. 





I don't see the item that I want in your store or online. Can you order it?

We can order anything our vendors carry.  Call your nearest store and speak to one of our sales associates about specially ordering a product. All special orders are handled in-store. 


It's been a couple weeks since I ordered a product. What's going on?

Specially ordered products are usually ordered through the vendor once a week.  Sometimes the product is backordered for a few weeks longer.  If you're unsure about your order's estimated time of arrival, call the store you ordered from and ask one of the sales associates. 



There are times when one store has what another store's customer needs.  In that case, we will transfer an item between stores so the customer doesn't have to drive to another location.  We do transfers every Tuesday and Friday morning.  There is no payment required to transfer an item.  We simply write down your name, phone number, item(s) in question, the date, and the store the item is coming from.  You will be contacted when the product arrives, which is usually in the afternoon.